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Our goal is to help you live healthier, lighter and longer!


We understand that no one consciously chooses to be obese, suffer illness, have limited physical capabilities, be discriminated against, or die prematurely. Obesity is a complex and tenacious disease that is influenced by a person’s genetic makeup and driven by our behaviors. We believe that all people are capable of change resulting in renewal of spirit, body, and mind. We believe that our team can provide you with the skills needed to achieve your goals. We believe that you deserve help in your struggle to lead a healthy, fulfilling, and long life. Begin your weight loss journey with the most experienced bariatric surgeon and staff in Idaho. Call us today.

Providing a comprehensive weight loss surgery program.

Northwest Bariatrics, located in Idaho, takes a holistic approach to patient care before, during and after your weight loss surgery. Our patients are individually prepared for surgery by a team of healthcare specialists from the disciplines of bariatric medicine, mental health, physical therapy, and dietary science. Weight loss surgery is performed by a board certified general surgeon who has advanced specialized training in laparoscopic surgical techniques and is a bariatric medical specialist. Professionally directed after-care support groups help our patients stay on track and achieve optimal weight loss results.

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Our Weight Loss Surgery Mission

At Northwest Bariatrics we have developed a comprehensive program for treatment of morbid obesity which:

  • Recognizes that this is a disease with genetic basis and behavioral influences.
  • Engages the disciplines of medicine, surgery, psychiatry, dietetics, and exercise physiology.
  • Adheres to the published guidelines of the American College of Surgeons, the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, and the National Institutes of Health in regards to treatment of the disease. Our surgeons maintain membership in good standing with these organizations.
  • Provides long-term patient follow-up.
  • Maintains a relationship with other nationally recognized programs and is able to achieve equivalent outcome data with respect to efficacy, morbidity, and mortality.
  • If you would like to begin your weight loss surgery journey with a dedicated caring team, attend one of our free educational seminars and get started!

If you would like to begin your weight loss surgery journey with a dedicated caring team, attend one of our free educational seminars and get started!

We serve many patients in all different locations: Idaho, Spokane- Washington, Tri-cities- Washington, Montana, Alaska.

Support Groups

Each week, we offer professionally-directed pre-op support groups to help educate our patients prior to their surgery. These meetings are crucial in addressing any concerns and questions patients have before surgery. It is important to make sure each of our patients feel comfortable and confident before proceeding with their chosen bariatric surgery.

Post-Op Support groups are held every Wednesday at 5:30pm in the Northwest Bariatrics office. You may also sign up for remote access to the meetings.

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